Start Retailing

Here is our retail organization format

Do you want to start retailing or increase the sales of your products with a your new online store?

Let’s start by creating a dedicated brand, in case you don’t own one that you consider appropriate, with attractive graphics to enhance your product.
Then we insert it in one or more online stores created specifically to insert your articles, with the most suitable web domain and in the end we promote them to the right customers and in the chosen territory.
And now !? let’s analyze the results and keep improving!

Are you a manufacturer and you do not want to appear in the sale of your products so as not to conflict with your customers …? we provide you with the Trust Platform Commercial which will allow you to create your direct sale in a totally anonymous formula.

Ludwig collaborates only with International Companies of proven seriousness and with high quality services.

And remember, we don’t ask you for anything … we talk about it when you have positive results, we exist and grow only if we generate benefits for our Customers …

You can trust us …

To know the details of the services or further information, simply contact us at our