About Us

Ludwig is a Multiservice born from the thirty years of experience of the Founder Massimo Castellini in the international economic sector and services for Individuals and Companies.

Already present in Italy since 1999, in 2016 it was also established in Belgrade, a strategic commercial and operational position that facilitates better service to EU and non-EU customers.

Let’s talk about what we do and our services… We take care of your business, helping you solve some problems.

The Services can be summarized in three main headings:

_ General contractor and Plant Engineer
_ Commercial intermediation
_ Marketing development

Do you need to redevelop a property or a new civil, commercial or industrial plant at the highest technological levels!?

Would you like to sell or buy an asset, a stock of raw materials or machinery!?
We can find you the deal and take care of the transportation and paperwork

Do you want to increase your sales or propose and export your brand, your product or your idea to a wider market, perhaps abroad!?

Present us your project, we can certainly help you

To know the details of the services or further information, simply contact us at our e-mail