Founder biography

Massimo Castellini is an Entrepreneur born in 1974 in an industrialized and wealthy city in northern Italy, coming from a family of historic entrepreneurs in the textile sector from which he acquired the fundamental principles of simplicity and honesty.

Currently Massimo has created his own family following the canons of the traditional family, with his partner Enza, who is also an active entrepreneur in the fashion sector.
In 2012, his son Ludovico was born, from whom the name of his latest company, Ludwig, derives.

After the school period, thanks to which he acquired the command of the English language, fundamental for his future and having followed a path of specialization in information technology and plant technology, he proposes himself on the job market.

An important parenthesis will be the service in the Italian Army where he will acquire high-profile specifications and a tenacious character, taking his leave as a non-commissioned officer instructor in the Operations sector.

Not wanting to voluntarily integrate into the family textile company, he had his first work experience in technical services for companies as early as 1992, in important reference companies, which led him to acquire international experience, contacts and knowledge, favoring a mental openness of which he will bear fruit in the following years, undertaking his own professional activity.

Already in 1999 the first plant engineering services company for companies and individuals was born in the area of residence, specializing in Special Systems for hosiery factories, serving very well-known Brands.

This activity in a few years will reach six-figure turnovers in Euro, thanks to the choices made, the increase in structures, personnel as well as the consent and trust of customers, financial institutions and the territory to which they belong, a territory that will subsequently expand nationally and internationally.

In 2010, by almost forced choice, he decided to split the main activity into further independent companies, in order to diversify investments, to provide a more specialized service managed separately and capillary.

The group created in the following years included the main technological plant engineering company, a car rental company, a real estate company, a company specializing in renewable energy and a Food & Drink sales business to the public.

In recent years Massimo Castellini has been able to meet excellent professionals and consultants, has followed refresher courses in Corporate Administrative Analysis, Analysis of Market Positioning as well as acquiring the title of Specialist in Energy Efficiency of buildings.

The acquisition of this knowledge helped him to deal with the commercial procurement of orders, administrative coordination, purchasing management, human resource coordination and everything that could be necessary for the daily continuation of these companies, further strengthening entrepreneurial experience.

Since 2016 he has founded and managed a foreign trading company, Ludwig International Business Company, Extra European, through which he collaborates at 360° with other Entrepreneurs in various professional fields, in European and Extra European territory, growing together in Partnerships and making himself available as a management consultant, sharing contacts, resources, physical and virtual sales channels and tackling new projects together where there is a need or interest.

In 2017 a new service activity dedicated to safety training was founded, convinced that this is increasingly becoming a global need, this choice today seems to be an idea corresponding to expectations.

Certainly they have been years of successes, attempts and some failures, it would not be honest not to include those too, congenital in every courageous activity.

He currently continues with his own investments and in partnerships, with consultancy in the technical/management and marketing fields, in continuous training with a doctorate in psychology in progress and always looking for new entrepreneurial ideas, trying to overcome difficulties, always looking for new opportunities .