Business Broker

What is Ludwig’s Business Brokerage …?
Nothing but the proactive research activity of various kinds of business at the service of the customer.

We research, verify and manage proposals for the acquisition of various types of companies,
machinery, stock of raw materials in a multitude of European and non-European territories, through pre-contractual “Due Diligence” as detailed as possible,
Often it is enough to send a non-binding request to our email, after which we will respond and evaluate together.

Relying on Ludwig offers many advantages. Executing corporate purchases and sales is a complex undertaking that can cause many headaches and sleepless nights. We have specialized knowledge of the tax and legal implications involved in these transactions, helping to save costs and reduce the risk of potentially crippling problems emerging later.

Entrusting this complicated work to professionals ensures that a satisfactory agreement is concluded without problems. It also adds value, allowing business owners to continue to focus all their energy on day-to-day operations without getting distracted and bogged down in other dilemmas.

Our fundamental task is to identify the companies suitable for purchase, to increase the probability of a sale. Thanks to our business contacts, we ensure a smooth transition and a favorable price received or paid. We have relationships with people looking to buy businesses and with those looking to sell. We know how to market a company for sale and are often able to identify serious buyers with sufficient financial resources from those who are just bluffing.

What is the cost of this operation?
Only a commission pre-established together, called “successful”, that is, to the possible good-end and satisfaction of the parties.