Marketing Development

BASE Commercial Proposal for Marketing Service Administration

The proposal is aimed at providing a complete basic service to Companies and Entrepreneurs who want implement the sales force of your Brand, Product or service

In detail, the transaction includes a series of digital “landing” functions for end customers or for support to the sales network and its possible Operators / Agents

It is not the simple creation of a “Corporate Website” but a real construction of a proposal
complete commercial from A to Z

Proposal Points:

Creation of a company or specific product Brand

First step, it involves the collection of data and commercial information concerning the object of the proposal and the creation of captivating graphics designed in collaboration and on indications from the Customer
The developed Brand will be used for the proposal of the Product / Service, Marketing, packaging, etc.

Creation of targeted web platforms

At this point a Domain will be identified where to publish a virtual Warehouse (in case of sale of a service, wholesale sale, etc.) or an Online Shop for retail sale and virtual storage of products / Services to be proposed to Customer

Promotional marketing and online sales channels

Built the “structure”, an attractive brand and a platform that can be visited and accessed at any time by Customers and Agents, we can now proceed with the promotion on the various channels

The traditional direct sale is not excluded from this operation, the methods used so far will benefit from these additional tools, a good commercial operation must always be joint, using several independent but reconnected channels.

Now we have the opportunity to propose to a new customer or to visit an already acquired one, with the novelty of the new brand and the platforms for proposing its own product service, always available and available online.
Other channels that will be able to submit their “Commercial Package” to a large audience targeted by age, gender, interests, both in the territory in which the Company operates and in a global market, thanks to the possibility of facing the proposal in different languages

Marketing rules that we are going to satisfy :
Product – Price – Place – Promotion