About Us

Ludwig D.o.o. is a Company born from thirty years of experience in the international economic sector of the Founder.

Already present in other Countries, now also in Belgrade, a strategic commercial and operational position.

Let’s talk about what we do !? We take care of your business, helping you solve some problems.

We can implement your business through tried and tested formats and of which we have received very positive feedback over the years of entrepreneurial activity of the owner of our company and the commercial, legal and IT technicians of his staff.

Our commercial channels are developed in Europe and Eastern Europe, we are deeply rooted in the Italian, Serbian and neighboring countries market, we have professional collaborators, originating from many other regions, with whom we continuously collaborate and with whom we share information.

Thanks to our international network of collaborators we are able to offer what you have to sell on the markets or get what you need for your production such as raw materials and skilled labor directly in the chosen territory, avoiding travel costs from the main office, machinery or to help you move to much more advantageous and competitive areas provisionally or Ultimately, find real estate or building land if you are a real estate company or do interesting business if you are a private investor.

Would you like to increase your sales or propose and export your brand, your product or your idea on a wider market, perhaps abroad !?
Introduce us your project, we can surely help you

Would you like to sell or buy an asset, a stock of raw materials or machinery !?
We can find you the deal and take care of transport and paperwork

Our strength?
We don’t ask for anything!
We grow when we make our customers achieve growth results …

It may seem strange to you but it is so …. Contact us without any commitment and we will explain the operation …

To know the details of the services or further information, simply contact us at our e-mailinfo@ludwig.rs